Annie B

This class does wonders for tightness. TY Nathan!

Candy G

Thanks for the advice, Amit. You're absolutely right - one can get impatient and not take the time to see it through. This in fact has become one of my favourite beginner sessions. Good core work yet so gentle. Thank you to Nathan.

Nicola C

I suffer from Addisons Disease and Chronic Renal Failure. I have been looking for a gentle basic regime where I can get some exercise and mobility back to my body. I used to do Yoga and Pilates all the time, This is just what I have been looking for and I love the ease with which each movement is shown and the time each movement takes to get the maximum effect. Thank you so much I shall enjoy using this

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Candy. I am glad to hear you have enjoyed Nathan's class and that you managed to do it despite your knee injury!! As for the Pilates jargon... it is a tricky one and since every teacher uses a slightly different terminology I can only suggest to stop your flow and watch the class (demonstration) in places that don't make sense and then re-play it and join the class again. Hope this helps! Best Amit

Candy G

This is a great one for getting back into Pilates after a break. I have a knee injury and this was perfect. Gentle with a very relaxing instructor audio. One suggestion though, since this would tend to attract beginners, the Pilates jargon needs a bit of extra explanation. Thanks.

sharon c

Very nice class....tough in parts for a basic class.

Katie S

Great class to do whilst the children are napping. I feel refreshed now!

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