sarah l

Hi, I am really enjoying your classes. Just wandering if its ok to do spine twists in pregnancy?

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Sarah
I am glad to hear you are enjoying the classes :)
It is totally fine to do spine twists during a "normal", healthy pregnancy (one does them all day long without realising or thinking about it...).
If you have any specific contraindications then please consult with your health care provider!

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Jane. I am sorry you were a little disappointed with the fact many of the 3rd Trimester classes require props. The reason for that is that we wanted to add variety and interest to the classes and it is quite difficult to do without using props… and while still following national guidelines in regards to exercise in pregnancy. We used the big ball a lot knowing that many women choose to buy this ball for the 3rd Trimester and use it during childbirth and in the period after the baby is born (gentle bouncing with baby etc). The Elastic band is very cheap and easy to get and instead of hand weights one can always use 2 small bottles of water.
I do hope that you are still enjoying the classes and benefiting from them and that you are feeling well in general.

Jane C

Having enjoyed the second trimester classes I am a little disappointed how many of the 3rd trimester classes require equipment which I don't have so my options are quite limited.

Gina O

Great work out - and great to have a 20 min work out to fit into a busy day!

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