Emma R

I'm 22 was pregnant and really enjoy this class, thank you! Just wondered if there's an alternative to the chair bit at the end which could be on the mat instead? I never seem to have a suitable chair handy...

Amit - yoopod .

Thank you Melody! Really glad to hear you have enjoyed the class and found the pacing worked for you :) Pausing and repeating here and there is absolutely fine (we have to do it in real-time live classes as well...) and I am sure that after you do the class a couple more times you will not have to pause any more.

melody g

For my first time it actually took me about 30 minutes to finish, with having to pause and/or repeat here and there, but overall the pacing was MUCH better than other pregnancy pilates exercise routines that I have tried. Also the side lying lifts (what did you call them? oysters?) were alot more challenging than I expected but then again I haven't done pilates for years so I am really out of shape. I felt it immediately in my thighs so I am very encouraged that this routine will really make a difference for me even though it is very gentle. Thanks.

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