pavel s

Thank you a lot for the classes from Kazakhstan!

Being a Pilates instructor on the very beginning of my way, I find these classes in general and this one in particular more than useful.
I learn by myself and share knowledge with my few students.

Gili D

Great lesson, thank you.
I'm having a hard time rolling up to a sitting position, is there anything i can do to improve it?

Abigail B

Brilliant thankyou. I love the fact that Camilla needs instruction too, makes it feel more real.

Annie B

Clear cueing and instructions. They are efficient and always pertinent to the movement allowing progress with each class. Thank you Amit!

Amit - yoopod .

Thanks for your lovely comment Annie. I am very glad you feel this way about the classes and cueing :) Amit

Sebnem V

Thank you Amit, it was lovely and helpful.

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