Nick M

Excellent. Really clear teaching and a good way to learn or reinforce the essentials.

Tiff O

Great teacher. Easy to follow without having to stop and look at the screen all the time. Love that he speaks slowly enough so the brain can engage as well as the abs

Barbara P

For a 57 year old-A wonderful stretch with emphasis on correct breathing. Very relaxing.

Mary R

This is my first full class since joining earlier this year;I have looked at several classes to familiarise myself and it did help me to concentrate on the exercise without watching the screen all the time. All in all a great experience,thank you so much

Sarah R

Really enjoyed my first class. Far easier to follow than some of the ones I have tried in gyms/studios. I will be doing it again soon and look forward to the others in the series.

Jocelyn H

Great first class! I realized how tight I am in the tail wags that I cannot "find my tail" on either side. Looking forward to continuing!

Candy G

Thank you, that felt great. I'm a beginner who's done a few classes and this is so helpful to get back into Pilates after a break due to injury.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Deborah. Thanks for your lovely comment! I am very glad to hear you enjoy the classes and that they make you feel better. Any class that is at the appropriate level for you (not too difficult/taxing) would be good for your lower back really. If you want to add some more stretches try the Cat before/after the classes :)

Deborah P

Have tried pilates before and found it beneficial for my back and neck problems. Unfortunately found it difficult to attend classes regularly, Pilates OD is ideal. Have started from the beginning again and am enjoying the classes feeling the difference already after 3 x20min sessions this week. Amit's instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Can you recommend a class to help a very tight lower back. Thanks, Deborah

Amit - yoopod .

Happy New Year Vikki and welcome to PilatesOD!! I am very glad to hear you have enjoyed the class so much :) and look fwd to hearing more from you in the future as you make progress and feel better and stronger!

Vikki H

Wow!! I knew I was starting to feel restricted in my movements and needed to start Pilates again, but this really made me notice how bad my neck has become. This is my first lesson with you guys and it was brilliant. I'm very keen to carry on and looking forward to seeing and feeling the difference. Amit's instructions were great and easy to follow. He also pointed out certain things you may feel when doing the movements and he was right every time. Thank you Amit.

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Natalie. Well done for beginning your journey with us!! Stick with it and your body will feel a whole lot better and stronger! Let us know how you are doing. Amit

Natalie W

I joined POD ages ago and have only just logged in to start - this class was a lovely way to begin the stretching that my back needs so badly - looking forward to doing it again tonight

Amit - yoopod .

Hi Shiran. Glad you liked the class :) As for the Swan- you can try the following: exhale as you "brush you nose forward"/ inhale as you lift your chest from the floor/ exhale to lower your body down/ inhale to prepare for the next one. When you get comfortable with the exercise try: Inhale to lift up/ Exhale to lower down.
It is fine to use the arms a little in this exercise but you don't want it to create pressure in your lower back. Prepare by gently squeezing your sits bones together and drawing the abdominals in and when you lift your head and chest off the floor make sure to move in your upper spine without creating tension in your lower back. The movement is not very big at all... Hope this helps. Best, Amit

Shiran L

this lesson is great! finally managed to understand the breathing thing :)
one Q - about the pre-swan exercise - I didn't understand how to breath during - when to inhale/exhale. also, I felt like I'm lifting my head using my arms and lower back - how can I avoid that?

Jill M

This is great!! Even half way around the world I can continue my Pilates classes. No more excuses. Thanks Amit for making it so clear and easy to follow.

Amit - yoopod .

Dear akaHighlight and Sarah. Thanks for your great feedback! I am really glad you enjoyed the class and that it made you want to do more :) Look fwd to seeing your comments on more classes as you progress through the library. Best Amit

Sarah M

Hi Amit, just tried this class today and really enjoyed it... it made me want to do more asap!! I will be back very soon no doubt.

akaHighlight K

This class started my Monday morning - and week! - the right way. I've been thinking about trying Pilates for a while now and don't think I would have got round to it if it wasn't for your website. I found this class very easy to follow, instructions are very clear - I will be back for more!

Amit - yoopod .

I couldn't agree more Judith! Glad you find the site so clear and helpful!

Judith R

As a Pilates teacher I love these classes which just remind me how important it is to prepare new clients thoroughly.So clear.I'm glad I've joined the site.
Judith Russell

Amit - yoopod .

thanks Poppy! glad you enjoyed the class and hope your neck and shoulders (and the whole body...) will feel much better soon :-)

Poppy B

Really enjoyed this. Where to place the laptop was a bit of prob to start with but soon got used to it. Will be a great help with my neck and shoulder probs.

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