Keep Calm and Carry on Moving

Pilates and yoga classes to do with the kids


Schools are (almost) out for the summer and whilst that hopefully means having lots of fun and quality time with the kids, it can also mean that your normal workout routine can take a hammering. You might think that it’s best to just give up and write off the next six weeks, or… you can get creative and find ways to enjoy physical activity with or along the children.


Practice with the children


Being active during the summer is great not just for you but also for the kids. New research has shown that children lose most of the fitness they gain from PE lessons and gym classes during the inactive summer holidays. A joint workout with the kids can be a great way to bring them into your own world and is a fun experience for everyone. They will love spending time with you, challenging themselves and improving their own skills. And, depending on their age, seeing you move can be either inspiring or a source of entertainment to them ;-)


Go outside


The long hours of daylight can give the whole family a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy fun games and exercise together. Whether it’s kicking a football in the garden, a swim in the local lido or a joint workout, any movement is good for our bodies and souls. Exercising outdoors is fantastic for our well-being and happiness, and also has great physical benefits such as building up hip, knees and feet muscles as a result of practicing on uneven surfaces.


Exercise while on holiday


For those of us lucky enough to go on a holiday this summer, the time away can provide a great opportunity for some ‘me time’. While the kids are being entertained by the pool or watching a film, you can grab a towel (or two) and your mobile device and enjoy your favourite Pilates or Yoga practice in the beautiful setting of your holiday.


Take a few minutes to meditate


As much as we all love our kids, six weeks of intensive family time can be somewhat challenging. To keep our cool, we all need some time for ourselves to refresh and rebalance. Taking just a few minutes for meditation and relaxation can do you a world of good and get your batteries recharged. One of the great things about meditation is that it can be done anywhere so no need to designate a special time for it… you can do a quick session in the car while waiting for the kids to finish an activity, on the train while everyone is absorbed in their mobile devices or even in bed, just before you go to sleep. The summer holidays can be really full-on, so make sure to allow yourself some quiet time!


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