Pilates for your mind

By Michal Miodonski, Clinical Hypnotist, Transformational and Small Business Coach, YuMeiHo Therapist

What hypnosis and mind empowering have to do with Pilates? According to the body, mind and spirit relationship… a lot.

Every single one of us has limitless potential to make one’s life happier, healthier and more joyful. Everyone wants to be healthy, happy and live an easy life. Practicing as a clinical hypnotist as well as transformational and small business coach I know that’s what my clients want, even if at first they call it differently. By enquiring into simple questions such as “how do you imagine perfect health?”, “what makes you happy?”, “What’s an easy life for you?” and so on, I help my clients realise that what one really needs is constant stimulation. When you learn something new you start searching yourself for something new…

The human’s mind is very complex. To lead a client through his or her mind, as I do in my work, requires experience and knowledge, especially when you want to take the safest and shortest way. The most important component of success is action - if you’re willing to commit to achieving your goals, improve your life, health and well-being, you must take an action, and that’s when Pilates comes into the picture.

When clients ask me what kind of physical exercise I would recommend, the answer is very simple…Pilates. Joseph Pilates has perfected his method for many years and in my opinion at the present time, Pilates is the most accurate of all modern human training methods. In Pilates you start with easier exercises and as you’re progressing you move into more advance programmes. In hypnotic trans you communicate with your body on a different level. It’s not a surprise, that after a couple of sessions people start changing their lifestyle, even without concentrating on it during the hypnosis or coaching process. I observe my clients taking better care of their body as they improve their mental state. They feel better, start knowing themselves better and begin to understand their mental and physical needs.

I know from my own experience that Pilates really works! Feel free to share how you benefit from Pilates with me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.