Fitness Resolutions - Secret to Success

By Amit Younger

Amit Younger Pilates

Fitness Resolutions tend to be trendy around the New Year, before the summer and before big life events such as weddings… but the truth is that NOW is probably the perfect time to make a start on your fitness resolution…after all, it is well known that exercise not only makes you look better, it also makes you feel better – so why wait?

But how do we make sure that our fitness resolution does not join the long queue of infamous resolutions that look good on paper but don’t really pass the test of day-to-day life?

The secret to a successful fitness resolution is to choose the fitness methods that you love, to have a realistic plan and to make sure you stick to it for at least 3 months in order to get some momentum going. While we can’t wave a magic wand and make our resolution come true, following a plan and a programme can make it easier to achieve our goals. Here are a few more tips to help you succeed:

Choose the right programme

We are all different to each other and we all have different goals. For some a slower programme works well and for others a fast, energising routine is the right choice. You’re much more likely to stay motivated and be successful if you enjoy the workouts while also feeling the changes and health benefits in your body.

Set targets

There’s nothing more motivating than feeling that you are making progress. Set yourself weekly targets and do your best to stick to them. Keeping a record of what you have done can help motivating you and give you a sense of achievement.

Don’t overdo it

Start off slowly and build up the length and frequency of your workouts only when you feel ready to do so.

Make the programme fit your schedule

It is much better to feel great and motivated for achieving your targets than disappointed that you haven’t… so make sure the programme fits your schedule and suits YOU and not the other way around!

Set realistic goals

Whether your programme supports a weight loss regime, you want to get toned towards spring or simply live a healthy lifestyle – it is important to be realistic about what can be achieved within a short period of time and taking into account the number of classes/workouts you will actually take.

Encourage a friend to join you

Having a friend spurring you on can really give you that extra bit of motivation that will keep you going. A bit of competitive spirit won’t hurt as well …;-)

Best of luck!!