Week 3 -- Keep it up!

Welcome back to week 3 of your Pilates and Yoga Challenge!

Winter is here and its nice to not to have to go out for your execise fix :)

We hope you’ll enjoy this week's classes with Nikki and Stewart. They are some of our favourites!

Try and do each of them at least once, and remember you can also visit the classes from last week


Your week 3 classes:

Class 5 - BASI Pilates with Nikki

The class that will wake up your shoulders, chest, abdominals and legs; and will get your torso rotating and side stretching.


Class 6 - Jivamukti yoga with Stewart

A 10 minute well-rounded practice that is the perfect way to warm up, stretch and strengthen the entire body.


We all know how tricky it can be to find time to exercise during our busy week… Here are a few tips from other yoopod members that you might find helpful:

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