Yoopod is your online Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness studio. Access hundreds of classes by the best teachers, whenever you want and wherever you are.

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Pilates workouts online Yoga workouts online


Spend your time exercising rather than travelling to a class. Fit in so much more by taking your class whenever it works for you.


Online Pilates and yoga classes


Practice with top teachers for a fraction of the cost of your local studio or gym classes. No need for designer gear too…


Online pilates and yoga programmes


Yoopod makes it easy to achieve your goals. Get strong and flexible. Improve your posture, get rid of aches or just de-stress.



Hundreds of Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness classes. Complete beginner to advanced. 10-60 minutes. Whatever works for you, we’ve got you covered.

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Taking classes online doesn’t mean you are on your own! In fact, it’s like having a private teacher in your living room guiding you through every move. We are here to answer your questions, support and give advice along the way.

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  • The online format is brilliant!

    "The online format is brilliant! Trying to fit a local class into my chaotic schedule has never worked for me so online is great."

    Daniela, South Wales

  • Great resource for teachers

    "I have been teaching Pilates for over 7 years and have hundreds of DVDs and Pilates resources... Yoopod is one of my favourites! "

    Matthias, Germany

  • Straight forward, goal oriented

    "I enjoy yoopod because I find the site straight forward and goal oriented. I love that I can get recommendations based on my current objective. Brilliant."

    Chris, England

  • I am discovering a new body

    "Fantastic classes. I had sciatica for a year and this healed me. I am pain-free and strong. It's like I am discovering a brand new body. "

    Kirsten, South Africa

  • I can fit it in!

    "Love the site. Following the Busy People programme with its short classes means I can fit it in to my days. It suits me really well and I feel so much better for it. "

    Kinga, England

  • Great scope and variety

    "The classes are perfectly paced, point out the things to watch for and I'm really enjoying trying a new class every few days."

    Ido, Singapur

  • Perfect complement to my weekly classes

    "Your site is the perfect complement to my weekly classes. It’s great not to have to travel to class twice a week. Wish I'd found you sooner."

    Jessica, USA

  • Progress at my own pace

    "I love being able to progress at my own pace and that I don’t have to follow the pace of a class."

    Sarah, France

  • I can watch classes offline too

    "It is brilliant that I can also watch classes offline. It’s a lifesaver when I’m travelling or don’t have a great connection."

    Elaine, London