Nikki Cornfield

A little bit about Nikki...

Nikki was born and raised in South Africa, where she began her journey into Pilates, whilst recovering from a dancing injury.

After ten years of her own Pilates practice, Nikki completed her Pilates Teachers Certification with Body Arts & Science International, under the guidance of Amit Younger, and left the corporate world to become a Pilates Teacher.

Since then, she has taught Pilates Equipment and Matwork both privately and in studios and physiotherapy practices around London, including the Pilates Performance Studio at the Royal Academy of Dance, the Vitality Centre, The Pilates Practice, Pilates Plus studio, and Physio-on-the-River.

Nikki has a long history of interest in movement and the body. She began dancing at the age of 4, training in numerous dance forms. Flamenco became her passion. After studying in Spain, she trained as a teacher for the Spanish Dance Society and taught and became a partner at the Estudio de Baile Español, whilst dancing professionally for La Rosa Spanish Dance Theatre, where she was a soloist until 2000.

With a deep passion for movement, the art of teaching and for the practice of Pilates, Nikki strives to continually enhance her skills as a teacher and practitioner of the Pilates method through a daily Pilates practice and by continuing her education with teachers from around the world.

Nikki is co-founder and owner of Pilates Junction studio, in Battersea, London with Amit Younger.