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Jivamukti is a Vinyasa style practice where the posture is usually quite vigorous, though classes can also be light-hearted and fun. Each class has a theme, which is explored through asana (posture), pranayama (breath), yoga scripture and possibly also meditation, chanting, and music. This makes Jivamukti appealing to people who want more than a good workout. Jivamukti teachers are encouraged to make yoga principles relatable by drawing examples from modern life and contemporary music, so there is often discussion of the theme at the beginning of class and a reemphasis of it throughout.

Jivamukti is one of the first hybrid yoga styles to emerge in the United States. It was founded by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984 and is considered a hybrid because its methodology and philosophy take elements from the teachings of several gurus with whom Life and Gannon studied. The name Jivamukti was inspired by a Sanskrit word meaning “liberation while living.”

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