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Join us on fantastic Pilates & Yoga retreats in 2017. The perfect combination of great workouts, relaxation, good food and wine :)

An amazing opportunity to work face to face and get personal feedback from your favourite yoopod teachers!

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See what yoopod members said about our 2016 retreats:

I want to thank Amit and Stewart for providing me with the most enjoyable, happy and healthy experience during the week of the Retreat in France. There wasn't a moment that I didn't feel part of something special...really special. Every person there felt like a friend: the staff, the teachers and, most of all, my fellow group of "Retreaters". We were all at different levels in our Pilates and Yoga practice but I believe not one of us felt left out, unattended to or discouraged. My memory is of great amounts of laughter, support, shared ideas and stories, and lots and lots of effort to improve one selves' Pilates and Yoga work. The end result is that I parted wishing I didn't have to. I look forward to doing this again...and again...and again...!!!!

Ri Redmile-Gordon, West Sussex

After a year suffering from stiffness and joint pains I took early retirement and started taking classes on Yoopod. I found the website easy to use and the shorter classes enabled me to gradually build up my sessions at my own pace. It taught me how to feel and move each part of my body, how and when to breath, and as it was easing my stiffness I wanted to learn more. I booked onto the Yoopod retreat, for some hands on support and it was the most amazing two weeks. The accommodation and food were great, and the knowledge and support from the teachers was outstanding. I came away feeling stronger and more relaxed in body and mind - the best I've felt in years - and hungry for more. I have since signed up for equipment classes, as well as continue to use Yoopod at home with much more strength and knowledge that I'm getting stronger and healthier. The encouragement care and support from the teachers on the retreat was endless. I will certainly be booking up for next year.

Elaine Gibson, Hampton

This summer I went on the yoopod retreat in France to do Pilates and Yoga. Before going I had been doing equipment Pilates classes a couple of times a week to reduce back and neck ache. It’s great to be able to go away and do a week of intense sessions close together, which allows the learning to build more quickly. Being away on holiday also means doing the classes whilst relaxed, which makes it easier to be more aware of the body and of the teaching. Since coming back I’ve noticed a few changes impacting my posture and my Pilates practice. I’ve gained an improved awareness of the importance of using upper body strength and I’ve been able hold myself better keeping my shoulders in more comfortable position. Secondly, I’ve become more aware of my feet and how to distribute the weight around the feet correctly, which I now incorporate into my regular practice. Thirdly, I’ve noticed a better awareness of spinal movement and the different joints throughout the spine, rather than just bending at one point. If you are lucky enough to be able to go on a Pilates/Yoga retreat then I would definitely recommend the experience.

Simon Mayes, London