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  • Amy Taylor Alpers

    Pilates For The Inside

    By Amy Taylor Alper
    When you focus on the deep intent of Pilates exercises, their value for your ultimate health potential increases exponentially…

  • Online pilates Classes

    In Bed With Pilates

    By Marguerite Ogle, adpated by Amit Younger
    Read this article for some tips and exercises that can help you create the right environment, relax and sleep better…

  • Online pilates Classesl

    Connections and Circles

    By Dawn Hathaway
    Read about the therapeutic relationship between teacher/giver and client/receiver and the energetic changes that take place…

  • Pilates For Your Mind

    Pilates for your mind

    By Michal Miodonski
    Read a Clinical Hypnotist’s view on how Pilates can help one’s life become happier, healthier and more joyful…

  • Mike Perry

    Pilates for What?

    By Mike Perry
    Is Pilates for people who are injured, or in pain; or is it for healthy and fit people? Or maybe for both?...

  • Pilates in Japan

    Big in Japan

    By Amit Younger
    Read about Amit’s experience in Japan and how it made him develop and grow as a teacher…

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